Brian will be unavailable to massage until Mon Sept 27th, 2021 :

Brian is in his mid 60’s and is European. He has had no formal training in massage but has loved the concept of giving relaxation and pleasure with his hands for years. He has been massaging on and off for over 15 years and is always refining his methods. He is looking for clients that he can massage in the morning or maybe over a lunchtime. Brian is only available Tuesday & Friday mornings. Last year Brian had prostate surgery and although things don’t work as well now it hasn’t affected his fingers!

Full relaxation massage for men

Brian massage is quite a bit different from the massage you get in the local shopping centre or therapeutic massage clinic. I believe that for a man to achieve a state of full relaxation there needs to be a guilt free ejaculation. Every man knows that when he ejaculates there is a sense of total stress release, well-being and a desire to close the eyes and sleep. This degree of relaxation cannot be achieved by a massage therapist manipulating a client’s muscles alone. The combination of massage with therapeutic ejaculation transforms a stressful man into a state of total relaxation. My massage therefore involves at the appropriate time massaging, touching and stroking my client’s genitals and assisting him to ejaculate. During my massage I would hope to touch every part of your body. Some massage therapist say they treat the whole person, body mind and spirit but the sexual side of a man is so interwoven into his body mind and spirit that to ignore this side of him often has a man leaving a non-sexual massage treatment feeling that something is missing. I would hope that after my massage the man feels complete and on “top of the world” for some time.

Nakedness and massage:

I always massage naked unless requested not to. There is nothing wrong when two men are naked together. In the context of massage the man being massaged often can relax better when there is shared nakedness together. The knowledge that the masseur and the client are in the same “state” aids in the pathway to total relaxation.

If you have never been massaged before here is a breakdown of what might happen so you have an idea what to expect. First is what I would do when massaging you. below that is what might happen in a massage clinic.

My massage at your place or Pt Chev.
  • Cleanliness is important so have a shower before your massage. If you want I’ll get in and wash your back for you.
  • You would invite me into your home (or I’d invite you at Pt Chev) and we would proceed to your bedroom or place where you have designated at the place for your massage.
  • We would undress together. When we are both naked it is a good idea just to look at each other for a short time. Don’t be afraid or shy of your nakedness it is a very natural state to be in.
  • The embrace: I start all massages with an embrace. I run my fingers very lightly from you head to your knees on both sides of you and then embrace you front on flesh to flesh for a short time. You are encouraged to embrace me back. After this you would lie on the bed face down.
  • I would then massage your back, legs and buttocks. When massaging your legs I will ensure the whole leg is massaged fully touching the upper inside area below your buttocks. When massaging your buttocks my hands will move over your anus and down between your legs and your testicle will be touched.
  • I will ask you to turn over and your arms, legs, pelvis floor, genitals (not to ejaculation), arms, chest and belly will be massaged. Sweeping strokes that move from your legs to your chest will incorporate your genitals.
  • I will then assist you to ejaculate which usually involves stroking your erection with my hands. When you ejaculate just enjoy the feeling. I will clean you up. During this time of euphoria I will gently massage your head.
  • The rest period: This is the time for you to totally relax with the eyes closed. I’ll sit beside you. Often our hands are gently resting on or beside our gentiles – mine on yours and yours on mine. Take as long as you want to.
  • Sadly this massage experience must come to an end. There are two options from here before we get dressed and I leave you or you leave me:
    • Some men like to shower and remove the oil. I’m willing to take you to the bathroom and assist you in the showering process. I will wash and dry you if you want.
    • Some men like to keep the oil on them so a wipe down is all that is required.
    • (Some money needs to change hands about now)
  • If the massage was at your home you are free now to lie down and continue to enjoy the experience you have just encountered.

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